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Mixed Invalids, Box Sheath · A box sheath is often used on a. The middle leaflet is the fulcrum (or fulcrum-exceeding leaflet). The end leaflet is usually the booklet end (occasionally. Steps 1 and 2 of Fig.Kantabashi Station

is a railway station in Chūō-ku, Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

Kantabashi Station is served by the Narita Line and the Keisei Chiba Line. It is 5.5 kilometers from the terminus of the Narita Line at.

Station layout
The Narita Line station consists of two elevated island platforms serving three tracks, with the Keisei Chiba Line station serving as a ground-level station with a single track.


Adjacent stations


Kantabashi Station was opened on July 26, 1940. The Keisei Chiba Line station opened on December 1, 1997.

Surrounding area
Kantabashi Fish Market


External links

Kantabashi Station information

Category:Railway stations opened in 1940
Category:Railway stations in Chiba Prefecture
Category:Keisei Main Line
Category:Narita Line
Category:1940 establishments in JapanWhich psychiatrists see patients and how often?
There has been a longstanding tradition among clinicians of limiting the number of patients they see in order to maximize their time with patients. Although this may be especially true of psychiatrists, it is unknown to what extent this has been true and to what extent the expansion of managed care has changed this tradition. To assess the proportion of adult patients seen by psychiatrists that are seen twice, and to assess how often psychiatrists see patients. The authors used two national commercial databases, Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) and National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NAMCS) to provide representative data on patient characteristics and access to care for adult patients seen by psychiatrists. The NAMCS data are weighted to represent national rather than primary care practice, but still reflect primary care practice patterns. The authors estimated the proportion of patients seen by psychiatrists who were seen again within three months and also the proportion of patients seen by psychiatrists who were seen at least two times during the year. From 2000 to 2002, 38.1 percent of all adult patients seen by psychiatrists were seen twice during that year, 11


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A study of psychological reaction to consultation was made. The sample comprised 126 patients who were being treated for somatic disorders; they were administered a psychiatric questionnaire consisting of two parts: Part A, comprising questions to investigate background factors, and Part B, a standardised test of psychological reactions to consultation. Compared to the general population, the patients showed a higher incidence of clinically significant mental symptoms. Factors influencing their psychological reaction to consultation were: age, sex, education, occupation, treatment of the somatic problem, type of doctor consulted, length of consultation, and reasons for consultation.

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