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Pleasure Chase is a cute and haunting game about the hopes, fears and relationships of a young woman in her mid twenties. It is not a horror game. You are not chased by an abomination. You are not playing a monster game.
It is a game about a woman’s (or a girl’s) dreams, her fears, her obsessions, her friends and family, and her relationships with them.
It is about people, and not people being scared or being chased away.
The game is atmospheric, with an atmospheric soundtrack. It is more like a very quiet, melancholic and low key beautiful romantic thriller than a horror game.
A deeper game concept than your typical horror game.
It is a game about people and not monsters.

Key Features:

21 ambient tracks, exclusive to this game soundtrack, inspired by the environment of the game.
Carefully composed and meticulously arranged by Frank Schlick and Timo Jagersberger, but still very ambient in nature. The game is non-linear, and the world of the game is only loosely related to real life.

Soundtrack Download
Weaving Tides comes bundled with an exclusive soundtrack download. All 21 tracks are included as mp3 and FLAC. Enjoy them with this game.


Diego Mahine

Writer of the original concept and storyline

Diego Mahine

Protagonist Designer

Lead Artist:
Diego Mahine

Key Concept Artist

Sound Editor:
Andy E. Gaskill

Music Arranger, Composer and Producer

Associate Producer:
Thomas Stockhammer

Executive Producer:
Mirko Gabler

QA Coordinator:
Christian Holm

QA Lead:
Johannes Fiete

Thomas Stockhammer

3D Programmer:
Pablo Gomez

Matthias Schulze

Daniel Rennert

Frank Schlick

Timo Jagersberger

Sound Designer:
Thomas Stockhammer

Music Arranger, Composer and Producer

Executive Producer:
Mirko Gabler

Design and Art Director:
Thomas Stockhammer

Sound Designer:
Thomas Stockhammer

Pablo Gomez

Project Coordinator:
Andreas Bamber


Weaving Tides Soundtrack Features Key:

  • Launches the game in around 45 seconds with a relaxing ambient soundtrack.
  • The game requires less than 1GB of space.
  • Perfect for rainy beach days, non-conventional development and artistic experimentation.
  • Available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Written in C++ with cross platform support.
  • Weaving Tides

    Product description: ‘A peaceful and magical action-adventure game that showcases ebb and flow mechanics with a unique pixel art style.’
    Platform: Linux, Mac and Windows


    Coming soon!


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    Weaving Tides


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    Worldbuilding: Odyssey Edition

    Follow the journal of a trader trapped on a lonely, frozen planet.



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    Product description: ‘A relaxing free to play puzzle platformer with three game modes based on a sci-fi universe.

    Platform: Android


    Weaving Tides Soundtrack Crack

    Weaving Tides is a charming experience by Weaving Dreams. It’s a top-down, real-time, turn based and procedurally generated, tile based, cozy adventure featuring a well written main character acting as a reluctant hero.
    About the Authors
    Frank Schlick

    About Weaving Dreams:
    Weaving Dreams is the entreprise of Francesco Paderno and Sergio Larocque from Florence, Italy.
    They started their adventure with tile-based games in 1994, soon delving into the field of indie game development. They are currently working on the graphic novel Kahvi, a fantasy story based on one of their childhood games.
    Weaving Dreams is developed, designed, programmed and full-produced by Weaving Dreams. The maps are procedurally generated by Weaving Dreams as well as the game’s user interface.
    Designs, imagery and sounds were created by Francesco Paderno.
    Music composed by Frank Schlick and Timo Jagersberger.
    Production, programming, artwork, recording, mixing, mastering and mastering of the soundtrack was performed by:
    Frank Schlick, Timo Jagersberger and Weaving Dreams.


    Weaving Tides Soundtrack Incl Product Key Download X64 (April-2022)

    Weaving Tides can be played solo or cooperatively, there are multiple difficulty settings (no easy) for complete immersion and enjoyment. The life of a Hex fishing crew is unpredictable and can vary with every passing day. Each crew member has his or her own fate: the fisherman known as The Blind, the mysterious Anemone, the Hex Gazer who can shape-shift and eventually the fisherman known as The Dark, who holds the power to foretell the crew’s fate.
    Song List:
    1. Broken Heart – Twisted Steel
    2. Arcadia – Cradle of Life
    3. The Human Condition – Hex/Yin
    4. When the Fishes Shine – Hex/Yin
    5. Skeleton Key – The Blind
    6. A Heart that Divides – The Dark
    7. Jacking Back – The Blind
    8. Memories of Nobody – The Dark
    9. A Little Bit of Truth – Anemone
    10. Meditations of the Ocean – Anemone
    11. The Journey – Anemone
    12. Will to Survive – Anemone
    13. Death by Numbers – Anemone
    14. The Depths of the Ocean – The Dark
    15. All I Want – The Dark
    16. The Painful Truth – The Dark
    17. Humming Death – The Dark
    18. Ancient Knowledge – The Dark
    19. A Possible Outcome – The Dark
    20. A Violin at Night – The Dark
    21. Fates of the Dead – The Dark
    – 6 different songs for every FISH if you want to play cooperatively
    – Different difficulty settings (no easy) for complete immersion
    – Addictive gameplay to every session
    – 3 alternate endings
    – Great sound design
    – Atmospheric and exotic sounds
    – Perfect for The Blind and The Dark
    – requires some platform specific stuff
    – no Android Version
    – No Mac Version
    – no Kindle Version
    – No iMusic versionRCA Universal Tube Sound

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    What’s new in Weaving Tides Soundtrack:


      Weaving Tides is available through March 1, 2005.

      The story:

      The critically acclaimed, new story, Weaving Tides, is being released with two volumes.
      Each volume has fifty pages of stories and artwork, a tentatively titled soundtrack, six audio downloads, a brief Q & A with me and a ten page article on the topic of dreams.

      The first volume is scheduled to be released in December, 2004. The second volume will follow in March, 2005.

      Two more books will also be released.

      December 22, 2005

      Q & A with the Author

      Last updated December 22, 2005

      The Following questions are provided as part of the Terms of Service for the site. Please forward them to me if you have any questions regarding their application.
      Please note that these questions and answers must reflect the opinions of the writer. I cannot guarantee that the site will support other views.

      Q: Why A&C Books and not other publishing companies?

      A: Please read our FAQ for an answer to this question.

      Q: What will I be able to do with my books?

      A: See ‘About My Books’.

      Q: Who is the author of Weaving Tides?

      A: My name is Amanda Brohl. I am currently senior in high school.

      Q: What is the plot of Weaving Tides?

      A: The story is about Kara and a dog named Spook. They live in a beach town and spend much of their time living on the beach. Spook is the only human Kara has ever known and he is her closest friend. So naturally, she tries to fit in with Spook and everything he does.

      Q: What happens during Weaving Tides?

      A: The novel is set in the summer of 2001 and follows Kara, who is spending the summer in Maine with her dad. One night her new friend, Dewey, and his family sleep over and they spend the evening playing a game while Kara dozes off. The next morning, all of the Riefenberg family is gone. Dewey is the only person who is left at home. That night, Kara hears a man (who is apparently in love with her) plotting a killing spree and his description fits well with what she remembers of Dr. DeImmer. Only, she is too tired the next morning to remember it at


      Free Weaving Tides Soundtrack Crack [Mac/Win] (April-2022)


      How To Crack Weaving Tides Soundtrack:

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    TIDE 01 by Alex Manchetti and DyM's TIDE 00 by Mal Mereau - Game Soundtrack

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<p><a href=https://colab.research.google.com/drive/1dd0XiERKheGFleGdgPGwtlHshVJ60LZq

    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 7
    Processor: Dual Core, or Quad Core
    Memory: 2 GB
    Graphics: DX10
    Network: Broadband Internet
    Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
    OS: Windows 10
    Memory: 4 GB
    Additional Notes:
    MEME SHARE will only run on single-player games (



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