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“In a madhouse, you are lucky, or you are unlucky. Because all that matters is whether it fits on a single lacing. Whether the lacing is available. Whether the lacing is good. Whether the lacing is inside. Whether the lacing is as old as we are all made of the same mold.”

About The Game The Lozenge – Second Edition (The Lozenge – Second Edition 竹之飛2)
“In a madhouse, you are lucky, or you are unlucky. Because all that matters is whether it fits on a single lacing. Whether the lacing is available. Whether the lacing is good. Whether the lacing is inside. Whether the lacing is as old as we are all made of the same mold.
The Lozenge – Second Edition is a simple and beautiful puzzle game. It is simple because it’s minimalistic, and beautiful because of its simplicity. You will find that it’s not a short game – it’s a lacing puzzle.
You play by following the story of the lozenge. From the beginning, you will only know that it’s “something belonging to the past” that’s “liked by someone”.
You only get to know it all when you play The Lozenge – Second Edition. You are now an observer, a participant. You will hear some things, you will see some things, you will touch some things, you will remember things.
The experience will last about 15 minutes, and the game is built so that you are a participant and not a spectator.
The Lozenge – Second Edition is an homage to the book by David Szifron: “The Optimist’s Club: A Play in One Act”.
The game, which is composed of the same 10 pieces as the original one, has been given a thematic and poetic interpretation, thanks to a creative team composed of two artists who were nominated for the 2016 International Games Festival of the Society of the Friends of Reading.
The 10 pieces are the objects of a story. You try to fit them into a room, where they have been left by some mysterious person.
Play The Lozenge – Second Edition. Experience. Think. Feel.
– A play in 10 parts – A play in 1,024 parts
– A tale in 10 parts – A tale in 1,048 parts
– A lacing puzzle – A lacing puzzle (It’s that simple!)


Tiger Tank 59 … A-Gun MP026 Features Key:

  • Strong game play
  • Hyper-realistic 3D effects
  • Secure, friendly ad-free game
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    The realm of the dragons is split into four main regions:

    In the far south there are the mountains, cold and threatening. Up north, there are the steppes, rolling grasslands, summery and pleasant. In the middle, the great marshes, the most varied of all regions. In the far north, between the marshes and the steppes, there is the Gjall Mountains, in the north-east the Skjald Mountains. The northern-western frontiers are a bit uncertain, here there are mountains and dense forests.

    In the east there are the islands.

    In the west there are the great deserts.

    North of the mountains there is an area of large lakes, green and pristine.

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    Dragons have four major elemental weaknesses:Fire (Fire Damage, Fire Resistance)Earth (Earth Damage, Earth Resistance)Air (Air Damage, Air Resistance)Water (Water Damage, Water Resistance)

    The Elder Dragon also has four elemental resistances:

    Lightning (Lightning Resistance, Lightning Damage)

    Shadow (Shadow Resistance, Shadow Damage)

    Ethereal (Ethereal Resistance, Ethereal Damage)

    Cold (Cold Resistance, Cold Damage)

    The Elder Dragon also has an added magical resist, and resist to three types of status effects.

    Ice (Ice Resistance, Ice Damage)

    Poison (Poison Resistance, Poison Damage)

    Lava (Lava Resistance, Lava Damage)

    The Elder Dragon also has four weaknesses that apply to


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