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SPEC OPS The Line 14 Trainer Cheat Codes

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Is it possible to test code on an iPad without a real device?

I am a beginner coder and I want to code on my ipad but I don’t have one. Is there a way that I can write the code and then run it on my pc?


Yes, you can use the web to test out your code, the google chrome web browser has a code testing engine built in.

You can run your code in your browser as well!


You can test in you browser as well
Then you can send the code to your iPad and test it.


Swift – Keep const object alive in threads

How can I keep an object alive in swift while doing asynchronous operations in parallel?
Let’s say I have a dictionary where values are of type MyObject. The dictionary is an instance property of an object that uses it.
class SomeObject {
var asyncOpThread: SomeThreadingClass?
var dictionary: Dictionary!

class SomeThreadingClass {
func doSomething() -> Void {
var localDictionary = Dictionary()
// some code that populates the localDictionary
for (key, value) in localDictionary {
// do asynchronous operation

In this example, localDictionary is populated from data received from another thread. Now, when the loop in SomeThreadingClass is finished, localDictionary should be up-to-date. If some of the MyObjects inside the dictionary are accessed after the loop is finished, it is possible for them to fail. What is the best way to make sure that localDictionary is up to date when SomeThreadingClass is finished?
The use-case for this is something like an image processing library. There are threads

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