Runaway – A Road Adventure Version FR RePack

Runaway – A Road Adventure Version FR RePack

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Runaway – A Road Adventure Version FR RePack

I have a truck camper and tow a Jeep. I had a similar incident IN REVERSE. My tow bar connects onto the Jeep using a mount plate bolted to the bottom of the Jeep bumper. The mount plate contains the broadly mounted connection points for the Y shaped tow bar, next to them is the two loops for the safety chains/cables and in the center is the power connector and breakaway box. Normally I cant see the Jeep behind the camper and use a rearview camera to monitor the hitch. In September, 2019, while coming down off the Cajon pass into the LA basin, I was creeping along in bumper to bumper freeway traffic when I looked out my side mirror and COULD SEE HALF MY JEEP creeping into the lane next to me. One of the two 1/2 bolts connecting the mount plate had become loose and fell out, allowing the adapter plate to become crooked and the Jeep to move sideways.

i swear to god, that once the truck backs down the road and we can see we are still alive, i am going to kill him. then i remember, we are all supposed to be retired, just like you. why would he do that to us? we are not paid off. we are just a gang of truckers, we don’t know a damned thing about what captain pain does, or why he needs to do this. i never thought he was just trying to help us. just out of his way.

we clean it up. there is nothing left but the safe. inside is a stash of bills, and i roll it up and tie it to my radiator pipe. the emergency radio says that there are radio broadcasts about ghost, who is likely attacked, or the police have him. they don’t know what happened.

realizing we werent going to be able to make it to duquesne road by dark, we left ghost and drove as fast as we could to the border, where we called ghost. he told us to stop for the night. after dinner, we walked along the river until we heard them talking. youre safe, ghost told us. just stay where youre at. we can cross the river on foot.
its no secret that we are in the middle of the mojave desert. dust blows over the course of the day. our convoy is currently moving west, and all that means is that we are moving away from the mountains. i dont know how far away they are, but i know its farther than we need to be. we are breaking through the dirt on the side of the road, and i keep having to turn the steering wheel or drive back a few feet until the road is clear. usually, theres a large rock that we hit, and the car pushes forward like a train. we can go at this rate for hours.
i would like to have a larger capacity, just for hauling around tools and stuff. im not into camping. i am a carpenter, sometimes builder, but not nearly as much as i used to be. also, i am a geologist, not a miner. i do the most work with the trailer. i do not want to be slowed down with additional weight or be stuck in a campground. i want to be on the road and not be chained to a campsite.
i bought the trailer in december, 2014 and it was in fine condition when i bought it. it had a decent warranty, but youre not supposed to use it with the safety chains. if the chains were not on, they would be, but they would be so loose they would barely hold the trailer to the hitch ball. i took it home and hooked it up without safety chains and the next day i was driving away from the house and the trailer (no longer empty) came off the trailer hitch in the middle of the road. i had to stop and pull it back to the side of the road. i had pulled the trailer only a couple of miles away from my home, but i couldnt get home. i kept on driving and got home. if i had been not wearing my seat belt i probably would have been injured or killed. i took it to a rv dealer and they werent interested. i was told if i had been wearing a seat belt, i would be in the hospital with a fractured skull. my wife, who wasnt in the car, had a seizure. i had an attorney write a letter asking for an accident reconstruction report and the dealer and insurance denied it. i never was reimbursed for the damage to the trailer, or for any of my medical expenses.

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