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REPACK Elden Ring [v 1.02 + DLC]+ Product Key Full Free Download


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Download Setup + Crack ———



An epic, online fantasy RPG from Cygames, the creators of Attack on Titans.

• Free Updates
By winning the loyalty of the player using the exciting combat system, the game will continue to stay fresh with new content. The goal is to complete all the dungeons to obtain the power to call the Elden Lord!


Just the Facts!



– Design changes were made to various monsters and items.

– Fix for “Egrets” of Aquaria, who became immune to the “Fencer”.

– We worked hard in order to keep all our characters at the same level.

– Fixed a bug where “Raven Abyss” allows players to gain an extra experience.

– Fixed a bug where “Crystal City” allows players to gain an extra experience.

– Fixed a bug where one of the “Training Balloons” of the “Round Table” would not increase the experience.

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• Online Multiplayer (Upcoming)

• PVP (Upcoming)

• Manga Updates

• New Title Page

• Amazing Cover ArtworkQ:

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Stealth
  • A System Based on Whimsical/Surreal Elements
  • Thrilling Storyline Based on the Land Between
  • Legendary Lore and Rich Travel Exploration
  • Customizable Hero with Magic & Equipment
  • Procedurally Generated Dungeons
  • Lothal
  • Offline Play
  • Elden Ring screenshot

    Elden Ring

    Retail status

    A Fantasy Action RPG officially released for both Online and Offline Play.
    We are currently close to the release of a new version that introduces Soul Level Skill Tree Featuring MYSTICAL.
    The unofficial Endgame DLC has been released as well.
    As of August 2014, the game has sold approximately 2.3 million copies.

    Mon, 30 Sep 2016 04:21:17 +0000Pony Groove: Equiste

    Pony Groove receives its fifth millionth download!

    Hooray! As you know, Pony Groove is a side game that I developed and published around mid-September in 2015. At the time, the idea for the game was about a lost treasure that is later on discovered to the player. It’s a parody of the game Sokoban where the player has to move the treasure while going through the maze as many times as possible. It’s just 5 levels like many other simpler retro games. You can play Pony Groove in three different ways: Origin, one client game (PC/MAC/Linux) or HTML5. You can link to the HTML5 version from your website.

    My first aim for Pony Groove was to draw as many


    Elden Ring Activation Key PC/Windows


    Lands Between

    In the Lands Between, a vast world between the God’s War and the Dark Ages, a number of characters, including the main character, are currently fighting to prevent a world-wide great war from beginning or to stop the dusk from falling.

    In this rich world, various environments, that is, an open field, a forest, and a castle, exist. The open field is a level of operation. The battle takes place in the open field, allowing for swift movement and unlimited cooperation. For example, a country of war, such as a land of unrest, or a country of religion, such as a land of purification, can also exist. The open field is a unique battlefield.

    In addition to the open field, the battles take place in a village, a city, a castle, or a dungeon. The village is a level of operation. For example, a city of commerce or religion, or a city of perversion and lust, can exist. The battles take place in a village, allowing you to freely use your ability as an attacker or a defender.

    In the dungeons, battles take place using a series of shortcuts and traps. A dungeon is a level of operation. For example, a dungeon where a sage serves as a guard, a dungeon of unknown evil, or a dungeon of slaughter and blood can exist. The dungeons are rich in depth, imagination, and excitement.

    The battles are not only divided into horizontal layers. The battlefield has multiple parallel layers. The battles of the same layer may be held in different fields. The parallel layers of the battles are also different from one another. The battles for each level can also be held in a different environment. Battle-action elements can be combined and displayed in a variety of ways, enabling the battle to have a new and exciting feel.


    You control your character by pressing the Left Trigger, which acts as a movement command, to move. Pressing the Left Trigger again while moving will change the direction of movement. Pressing the Right Trigger while moving will perform an attack, make a tile-moving command, and activate the special action.

    Character Formation

    The characters in the game are divided into three classes: Warrior, Mage, and Archer. When you form a character, you choose a class, an appearance, and a title of rank. The classes are Warrior, Mage, Archer, Horse Archer, Archer Legendary, and Archer Raid.


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    RPG Action Strategy Game

    2018/03/30 【Update】
    The text below is taken from the developer’s official website.

    ERGO Game’s official website will undergo maintenance.
    The game server maintenance will start from 4:00am (PT) on March 31, 2018.
    Please note that there may be changes to the official website between the maintenance and this notice.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    ○Gamerz Republic Co., Ltd.

    Since 2014, we have been focusing on building a fantasy action RPG game. We have been in the process of developing a fantasy action RPG game. We will release the game in 2016. Unfortunately, there are many hardships in the process.

    ○Ergo Game will be showing on the Dengeki Bunko Autumn Festival


    ○Chaldea Games

    ○Brave Alliance

    ○Compile Heart

    ○Sentai Filmworks

    We hope you will enjoy the game as it is.
    Please wait for further announcements.

    ERGO Game Official Website Maintenance Details:

    3/31(Tue) 04:00

    Update Details:


    -Update Data

    【Live Update Schedule】

    -Maintenance Time

    Maintenance Schedule:

    -Maintenance Time:

    4/01(Fri) 09:00~

    4/02(Sat) 12:00~

    4/03(Sun) 06:00~

    4/04(Mon) 09:00~

    4/05(Tue) 12:00~



    What’s new:

    Licensed by ARIA Global

    DAIZEN Live World Available Worldwide for Advance Purchase

    ARIA and DAIZEN’s Presentation Event Live Stream

    September 20, 2017 in Hong Kong

    Tue, 20 Sep 2017 16:01:29 GMT

    I’m back again after a short vacation to get another interview for you!
    This time let’s see what Arilaunchers had to say to the Sol Global from DAIZEN.

    The Sol Global is a new studio in game development, consisting of game developers that aim to create existing models of DAIPNTER.
    The Sol Global is an aim to develop games that you can play as a “developer”: create, manage, and share one’s own games and game worlds.

    With its indie-focused model, the Sol Global will develop title with various genres from the beginning.
    Through new and diverse challenges at each stage, the Sol Global can create games with fresh and innovative … game design.

    Note: We are not visiting this studio’s home studio (25th floor) but the first floor.


    Q: Arilaunchers,


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    How to Remove game saves and other settings?

    • Just click “Options” menu and select “Save settings” to hide the settings menu or just click “Exit”.

    How to not display ingame messages?

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    How To View the Hack Tool Usage?

    How To Disable HUD?

    • Just select “Options” menu and select “Look & Feel” to disable the HUD and just say “Goodbye” to it.

    How to make voice chat works?

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