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You are Henry, The Letter A Detective. And your job is to find all the deadly and important letters and save the world from Diabolical Plot.
In this game you’ll find yourself in an weird and fantastic world which is full of dangers, Enemies and Puzzles.
Your aim is to find all the deadly and important letters. Here every letter has its own special powers. But your enemies are not of normal. In their hands…

To-Flow is an abstract puzzle game for mobiles where you have to figure out how to navigate puzzles by flowing between blocks.

Welcome to the fascinating world of To-Flow. Every level is made up of assorted blocks, which you can move around or remove to arrange the blocks in various ways. The puzzles in this game are tricky but the reward is sublime: solving a puzzle and watching a beautiful animation with glowing colours.

Flowing is all about designing a complex flow of your own, while flicking through and moving blocks, and watching the dynamic animation. You can also feel the momentum of your design, which is based on the blocks that you add and the way the blocks are arranged.

Play at the same time as the birds and butterflies and solve the challenging puzzles by directing them to their destination.

– Tutorial levels are included to teach you the basics of the gameplay, so you’ll have an enjoyable experience from the beginning.
– Practice mode is also included to allow you to try the game before unlocking the full game. You can download any level from the list to practice it.
– There are around 100 different puzzles to solve. You can find two different difficulty settings for each puzzle: Hard and Medium.

Each puzzle features a gorgeous animation. The speed and number of blocks move also vary with your design.

The game supports landscape mode for tablets, including iPad and iPhone.

In-Game Level editor:
You can share your designs with your friends and other people.

If you liked In My Room and The Room series, you will love this game, too.

Meteos HD for iPhone is a classic, old school shooting game set in old time era with a big city atmosphere.

“Meteos HD” is one of the best shooting games at your phone or tablet. Its first mission is to take control of a huge spaceship that orbits planets and moons.

Meteos HD will shake with fun and become an addicting shooting game for all of you.


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      ONLY A For Windows

      “A” is the best symbol for player. You must try to play A smartly. It is one of the few games that you find a new letter every time you play the game. However, in order to win this game, you must be able to distinguish between the A and the O. You can rotate A only on the platter but all other letters are just in a fixed position.
      How to Play:
      The game is very easy to play. All you have to do is just touch the corresponding letter and it will be removed from the platter. The target you are shooting is the O. If there is a bullet on the platter, it has to be removed before it touches O. And if you are fast enough, the target will be O before another bullet touches it. The game is over when you are touching the platter instead of O.
      Try to play the game using the arrow keys.
      Made by:
      “Only a” is an online community, made by a group of people who share their interests such as Basketball, Soccer, Cricket, Football, Table Tennis, Badminton, Tennis, Volleyball, Handball, Baseball, and Hockey. We hope to provide community members with fun and educational solutions for their everyday needs, like games and additional resources like an online forum for meeting new people and sharing ideas.
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      Five well-known locations from across time and space are being stalked by a mysterious malevolent force intent on destroying a city and the universe. But when a squad of allies heads in to exterminate the source, they are knocked back to each of their own times and places, and they’re running out of time…To solve the puzzle, all they need is a map, and just one key to decipher it…Five well-known locations from across time and space are being stalked by a mysterious malevolent force intent on destroying a city and the universe. But when a squad of allies heads in to exterminate the source, they are knocked back to each of their own times and places, and they’re running out of time…To solve the puzzle, all they need is a map, and just one key to decipher it…Just One Time: The first and third game, where you go back in time and attempt to change history. On the second and fourth game, you go in to the future and attempt to change the past. On all five games, you do battle with time.Armed with a map and the key, you need to solve the puzzle of the five locations that form the key in order to travel through time.

      Advance Project: A Mission to Remember: In the future, a group of time traveling space agents must prevent an enemy from destroying an already fragile world.The agents must travel through time and make their way to a mysterious planet, where they must confront an insidious enemy – the Nebula. Advance Project: A Mission to Remember is a fast-paced game of evasion, action, and adventure.

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      R.U.S.E. is the ultimate war game set in a fantasy world that is right out of your wildest imagination. If you love strategy games then you’ll love this amazing war game!

      You are in the position of commanding


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