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smart technology
smart control system is yamaha’s proprietary operating system to control all components as one system this feature is unique in the power assist mobility market
smart tune software customizes sensitivity, drivability and provides troubleshooting
trained professionals can use smart tune to customize two different driving modes. a few of the driving mode options available include:
level of power
level of right and left arm assist

yamaha performance
travel longer and farther with a battery range that averages over 12.5 miles for nickel batteries and 22.5 miles for lithium
propulsion speeds increased on average 23% per user
can enable riders to travel more distance with more comfort and less effort

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download free navione gps navigation software for your handheld. navione is a simple, intuitive gps navigation software that allows users to navigate to their destinations with great precision. navione can be used as a standalone software or can be installed to a variety of android-based and ios-based handhelds. the application is compatible with windows and mac computers, as well as palm and pocket pc handhelds.


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