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Mohammad 039;s Clock Free Download For PC







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Mohammad 039;s Clock Crack +

What’s New In?

This small application comes with no installation. It enables you to place a digital clock on your desktop. It also provides the functionality of an alarm clock. It allows you to have a screen saver which displays the time. It has support for all Windows versions. It can be ported to all the computers connected to a network. It comes in the executable format. It is developed for educational and entertainment purposes only.
1. Simple Graphic Interface.
2. Support for all Windows versions out there.
3. Supports multiple monitors.
4. Alarms and notifications.
5. Windows XP themes.
6. Keyboard shortcuts to set the clock.
7. Keyboard shortcut to save the current clock state to a text file.
8. Clock can be hidden from the Windows taskbar.
9. Clock can be set to display the time in the dark.
10. Supports many colors and skins.
11. Supports 32 and 64 bit Operating systems.
12. Support for basic text-editors.
13. Can be placed anywhere on your desktop.
14. Reads the most recent clock settings from the Windows registry.
15. Supports many languages.
16. Ease of use.

Full Version include following feature
-You can choose time to auto-set while leaving computer on
-Easy to place clock on desktop
-Support for all Windows versions
-You can have clock in the dark or light
-Alarms and notifications
-Support skins
-Keyboard shortcuts to set the clock
-Clock can be set to display time in the dark or light
-Clock can be hidden from the Windows taskbar
-Support for multi monitor
-Supported many languages
-Support for 32 bit and 64 bit
-Support for latest 32 and 64 bit Windows versions
-Support for oldest Windows versions.
-Support for basic text-editors.
-You can move the clock to the top or bottom of the desktop
-Support for 32 and 64 bit

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System Requirements:

Windows XP or newer.
16-bit color or monochrome.
Newer graphics card and CPU are recommended.
1MB free space.
For more information and a list of supported resolution, please refer to the Technical Requirements section.
The following video is required to install and run Far3D:


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