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Memorymoon € Messiah 2.1 VSTi X64 - ส.หวังเจริญมอเตอร์

Memorymoon € Messiah 2.1 VSTi X64

Memorymoon € Messiah 2.1 VSTi X64

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Memorymoon € Messiah 2.1 VSTi X64

finally i managed to get the link for the memorymoog synths, as i described in my first post. i hope this will help someone to download them too. here they are: and we’re happy to be a part of this memorymoon team. again, thanks gunnar! 🙂 i’m also happy to see that the memorymoog synths are all updated. i believe that we will get a new one from this team this year or next year.

i have the memorymoog eem2 vsti and the memorymoog eem3 vsti. they are both great emulations. the eem3 is a bit more flexible as it has a more complete arpeggiator and a midi controller; and the eem2 is a bit more stable and easy to use. they both have an excellent sound. the eem2 vsti is a bit more expensive, but it has a lot of features, like midi controller, arpeggiator, full modulation matrix with mosfets, an excellent sound, and good performance. the eem3 vsti is a very inexpensive synth.

i received the memorymoog eem2 vsti. it’s a really great emulation of the prophet 5. it has a nice sound, is flexible, and has a lot of features. it is extremely easy to use and the sound is excellent. it is a very affordable synth, but i really like it, so i keep buying it. it has also a great gui with a lot of features.

let’s go in a very small step back in time and learn some very old truth : the “memmoog” was the first synth to come with patch cables in the world. and to tell the truth, it was the best synth ever created, because there was nothing like it. and it was only released in 1980 (but already in 1969 by dave smith), it was called memmoog. but, in 1985, david preach, a friend of the memmoog team and a very important part of the memmoog team, told me that the memmoog team, in 1984, decided to create a very “small” synth (much smaller than memmoog), and they called it memorymoog. it was a very small, low power synth (actually a little bit slower than memmoog, but still very fast, and a great joy to play), with a sequencer, but no effects, no modulation section, and no modulation/arpeggiators, no flexibility, no power, no low power (and for me, the power of memmoog was a big thing, and the memorymoog power was zero), nothing. but something i loved in the memorymoog was the interesting keyboard, which was very useful when you were searching for sounds. and then, in 1985, they decided to remake memorymoog, and they also decided to change its name to memorymoon. the memmoog team was very satisfied, and david preach was very proud, and i decided to get the new memorymoon. and when i played it, it was great, and then i found its arpeggiator, and i was surprised by the power of its arpeggiator. and then i asked david preach (who was no longer the creator of the memmoog team, but was still a very important member of the memorymoog team, and who created the memorymoog arpeggiator) for the reason why he called it memorymoon. he said that it was because that he always liked this name when he was a child, and that he wanted to take advantage of this name in a new synth.


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