Korg Triton Piano Sf2

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Korg Triton Piano Sf2

Where is my piano?
In red on the picture is my problem. This error did not show before but now only “Korg triton top 1 žerte Kurves 4 notes”  .
Korg Trinity 88


I got your answer and it seems to be that the SF2.wav files were prepared by the wrong program. You need to replace the original SF2 files with the ones prepared by Piano Kontakt. As this is an automated conversion from MIDI files I cannot guarantee that it works perfectly. But I am fairly sure it will work.
This should be the problem, my recommendation to you is to follow the instructions on this page.

The following is my message to the site users:
I don’t know if you already understand my problem.
I was using Korg Triton1 for a while. I bought a new Korg Triton2 and replaced Triton1. At first everything worked well, but after an upgrade of Kontakt I lost the instruments that are included in the SoundFont SF2’s. So I searched for a way to convert all SF2 and KSC files I had.
I found an old PC and set a sample collection of SF2 and KSC files in.
I loaded them into a Kontakt project and did all conversions.
I wrote all files to USB and replaced all old files with the new.
After this, I opened Triton2 and everything was there.
If I simply open the Kontakt project again, my Triton1 and 2 soundfonts are also there.
The problem was that the sample collection I set with Kontakt and converted with the Piano Kontakt, were not the same ones.
So I want to ask if someone here has an idea, how I could convert the SoundFonts that are included with the Korg Triton1, to the SF2’s of the Kontakt Piano format.
I am using Kontakt 5.1.0 and the sample collection in my Kontakt project is named “Korg Triton1 – Piano Sounds.zip”.
I have an idea it must be the KSC files that keep the.sf2 and.ksc extention

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Korg Triton Piano sf2
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