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Input File Type:


Input Files List:

Output File Name:

Output Folder:

Input File-By-File Detail:

Output File-By-File Detail:

Saving status:

Video resolution:

Video Frame Rate:

Video Bitrate:

Video quality:

Video file name for saving:

Record audio format:

Audio sample rate:

Input Audios List:

Output Audios List:

Saving status:

Voice on/off:

Saving directory:

Voice position:

Speak your messages

Record audio on/off:

Playing status:

OK to remove or can be skipped

Playing data:

Exiting application

Back to main window

When the user is satisfied with the settings, he or she simply presses OK and the files are converted immediately.
jSVIcoder Torrent Download is freeware and is 100 percent safe to download and install.
Software features:

Emulate a Printer

Automatically scan the contents of an SD card on startup

Selecting of a folder as output directory

Automatically select an additional output folder

Save recordings on a hard disk or on an SD card

Search for images inside the audio or video files

Trim video or audio files

Generate a custom report (pdf)

Convert only audio files, or only video files

Convert multiple files at the same time

Advanced setting options:

Automatically run or disable the program

Change the supported output format

Configure the output file name

Available in:









and Chinese

Download or copy the installer files for jSVIcoder Torrent Download from the links at the bottom of this page.
The original jSVIcoder Free Download may contain malware – using it on your PC may be risky. We do not recommend to download from external websites.

SmartWare recommends that you download the installer from the developer’s website and install it manually to be sure that you are using the most recent version and that you are installing it from the official developer.

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What’s New In?

jSVIcoder is a handy and reliable application that converts video files into the SVI format, thus allowing users to watch them on their Samsung media players.
It takes just a few seconds to figure out how to use the application because everything comes down to just a few clicks.
The interface is very straightforward and user-friendly, with nifty buttons placed inside the main window that let you take advantage of its great features. It displays the name of the file, conversion speed, remaining time, codec and resolution.
Truth be told, there are only a few configuration options, such as the output folder, the mencoder path and mplayer path, the player model and the resulted video quality. This means it can easily be handled by beginners as well.
A very important thing is that jSVIcoder can process multiple files automatically, so the user is only required to place them in the list and start the conversion.
It takes just a few seconds to convert small files, but that could obviously be different when dealing with very large movies. Still, the application runs on low computer resources and doesn’t hamper performance in any way.
There is no help file, so beginners who may encounter difficulties when running the app have no other option than to search the Internet but, once again, everything is pretty straightforward in jSVIcoder.
As a conclusion, jSVIcoder is a must have application for all Samsung media player owners. Its simplicity and ease of use makes its value undeniable.


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You have just finished watching all the videos you wanted, with jSVIcoder application. It is a great app, but now it is time to remove it from your Samsung device. This is why you need to have a smart solution to manage it, and the best one so far is the jSVIcoder. It has several powerful functions that help you to use the app without any problems.

Many a times we use the jSVIcoder and we are like “just what the heck was that??” Isn’t it cool to record it?” As a matter of fact, there is a solution for it. You can use the jSVIcoder.


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If you want to show your friends that you own a Samsung device and that you love it, but you don’t want them to see your personal videos of them, this is the


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/Vista/Windows Server 2003 (32/64-bit) and Windows 8/Windows 8.1 (32/64-bit)





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