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– 8 drum pads with optional built-in multi effects
– 2 independent rhythm sequencers
– Button sequencer with over 70 pre-programmed chords
– Drum Machine with 12 freaky patterns
– Voice sequencer
– 2 built in sequencers
– 16 bit wav-players
– built in 16/44.1 kHz sampler
– MIDI interface
– Snap-in MIDI interface
– 8 pre-programmed patterns
– Built-in drum machine
– Built-in drum machine sampling
– 64 drum sounds
– 64 drum sounds
– 256 drum sounds
– 256 drum sounds
– 8 built in effects
– 8 built in effects
– 16 built in effects
– 16 built in effects
– 8 pulse width modulation-effects
– 8 pulse width modulation-effects
– sample shred
– sample shred

Grizzly is a powerful, flexible, drum machine with 16 step sequencer, built-in sound sample library, and multiple inspiring pattern combinations. Create your own drum beats with the 8 velocity sensitive drum pads. Use the 16 step-sequencer and step you down the timeline. Map the changes you make to the tempo, add samples to the mixing console, or use the built-in FX to enhance the drums in any way you choose.


[v2.0]A powerful, flexible drum machine with 8 step sequencer, built-in sound library and unique pattern combinations. This version features the new VST3 interface, and is compatible with ALL VST hosts such as CFX, LS3, UVI Workstation, DAW software, etc.

[v3.0]9 New Drum Pads – These 10 pads have three different modes: Drum, Sound Pad and Roll
– Add two new Drum Sequencers (Steps, Triggered)
– Add Sound Library
– Add Drum Sounds
– Add Customizable Pad FX with independent LFOs
– Add Snap-in MIDI interface
– Can be used standalone
– Can be used in Melodyne
– VST3 interface which is COMPLAINT to use with ANY VST host.
– Compatible with Fruity loops, Molot! Drum Machines, and
– AD-Lib support
– Many new PATTERNS
– There is a new VST effect called “Sample Shred”
– There are many

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* The 5 empty drumpads enable you to use the VST to create drum patterns.
* Choose the soundbank of your choice to create your own drum patterns
* Select the filter or effect you want to use while creating your own drum patterns.
* Make sure to use different effects in each of the eight empty drumpads.
* Great as a background sound for screen scoring or R&B.
* Play on top of your dAW-software and manipulate your own drum pattern for your own needs.
* The included samples are in 24bit stereo and have the.WAV extension. Some of the samples are not the exact original samples. They have been converted for using in the VST for your own use and self-composition.
* The different sounds can be found here: hintenoth
* The live preset can be found here:

The supplied samples are royalty-free. However you are only allowed to use them for personal use. You are NOT allowed to sell the samples.

It might be possible that some of the original samples have been disturbed and changed.

Known Problems:
* It is not possible to change the pattern generator settings.

File Exclusions:
* The folder “GrizzlySamples” can be found in the VST-plugin folder. It contains all wav-files you can use in the VST as samples.

Usage Example:

Press the “Play” button on top of Grizzly to start playing a pattern.


This is the example how you can use Grizzly.

1. Start the drum maching.

2. Load a sample you want to use.
You can find the sample folder in the GrizzlyVSTsamples folder.
For safety reasons, leave the folder open.
If you want to load a sampled pattern, make sure the slider value for “Strum count” is at 100.

3. Choose the filter or effect you want to use in your sample.
You can choose between chorus, phaser and reverb.
You have four empty empty drumpads for creating your own patterns.


Grizzly [Updated] 2022

The Grizzly provides a great tool to create groovy new grooves and sounds with the grunge rasta drum machine and the classic click reverb, which makes the whole thing even more amazing.

Grizzly Features:

16 Bit Mono/Stereo

16 Drums and eight Subs

8 reverb/delay modes

Drive and compression with envelope control


MIDI Learnable

Input and output level controls

Stereo input from an external audio source such as a mixer or instrument

Automated panning, reverb, delay and input effects

The Grizzly is a grunge drum machine with a difference; you can get your hands dirty in the “dirty” and “sweet” modes to create some really catchy grooves. Of course it does not matter which mode you use, the possibilities are endless with the view of versatility and creativity in mind.
The “dirty” mode is a grunge drum machine with a variety of dirty kicks, snares and percussion sounds. This mode is useful for any raw/dark style of music, while the “sweet” mode features more classic drum machines such as the 808 and 909 along with synths to create infectious upbeat grooves. Both modes feature eight drum pads and eight reverb/delay modes.
Once you get a feel for the functionality of the instrument you can switch modes on the fly to easily create grooves from the regular way to the more experimental. For example, you can go from coarse and gritty to smooth and sensual with a simple click of the mouse on the DAW.

The Grizzly plugin is designed to work with any drum machine that features MIDI learning, which is very common in today’s modern software programs. The internal midi learn mode is activated when you press the “MIDI Learn” button located in the bottom-right corner.
The midi learn mode is perfect for learning complex grooves by mapping the various features of the instrument to keys and/or pads on your keyboard. By setting up key ranges and mapping to the proper pads you can create variations of the different sounds of the plugin and learn more about how it works.
Once you get the basics down you can use the regular “HotKey” to save your settings to a commonly used preset or you can use the “MIDI Learn Factory” function to save a library of sets for future use.

Grizzly Installation:

What’s New In?

The Grizzly drum machine is set up as a “Controller VST”, meaning you simply drop the VST into your host DAW and that’s it.
Grizzly offers more than 100 samples available, and the ability to add more using a free plugin. The multiple sound sources are already setup for you. It comes with 8 pads of beats, including percussion, a clap, bass drum, snare, tom, ride and a synth pad. For getting the best sound from your samples, it also offers editing a vocal and EQ. The pad sustain and octave division can be adjusted for a pitch change, or so that the drum is more live sounding.
The user interface is very simple and straight-forward. You can easily assign the sound sources to your controllers, set a different volume, EQ or send the outputs to separate effects for further processing.

**Grizzly v.2.0 – 08/31/2018**
– Grizzly’s core business (writing the program, sample programming, sample sampling, video and music) is now in the hands of Igor Otero. In the sense that Igor is the producer and vocalist of the project.

Grizzly v.1.7 – 06/03/2012
– This is not yet an official release but now it’s available in the “cambio” version on Packrat’s site for download.

Grizzly v.1.4 – 06/03/2012

– Fix support for more recent Windows versions
– Add recording from an external audio device to the project.

Grizzly v.1.3 – 06/03/2012

– Improve support for MIDI recordings.
– Add support for channel 1 and 2 (12db)

Grizzly v.1.2 – 12/09/2011

– Fixed crash bug when external audio device connected

Grizzly v.1.1 – 08/06/2011

– Fixed a small bug.
– Added multiple keyboards support.

Grizzly v.1.0 – 03/26/2011

– Development over the last 2 years since Grizzly v.0.9.x
– Finally a fast and powerful drum machine
– Included are two free plugins: “Grizzly DSP” and “Grizzly VST”
– Redesigned user interface with many improvements

System Requirements For Grizzly:

Intel Pentium III or better
256Mb video memory
Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
1024×768, 800×600, 640×480
I can’t stress enough how small this game is. It’s less than 1 GB. I’m amazed at what we managed to squeeze into it.
If there was ever a game that needed to be on consoles, this is it.
The basic premise is to work your way up the peerage system. You

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