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Full [Extra Quality] AUDI MMI 2G 2012 - ส.หวังเจริญมอเตอร์

Full [Extra Quality] AUDI MMI 2G 2012

Full [Extra Quality] AUDI MMI 2G 2012

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September 27, 2018 – Most of these systems show a start screen called “Audi Multimedia Interface” and have a very similar menu appearance. How . The Audi Media system offers users even more options for selecting content: audio files, photos, videos, social media posts or other content. Audi Media includes an intuitive touch-based interface. The navigation screen allows the user to select routes and also contains a voice search function. Audi Media will offer users an “Audi Drive Your Way” where they can choose from three options.

22/04/2012 . Audi MMI 3G +++ France and Austria, Morocco.
Remote control, service and repair., B225205, This page has been automatically translated from German.
Solutions, products, services & solutions. Address and web site of companies.
2012 Audi A6 and 2G Full Update f0de4e0c8ef My Audi MMI 2G 2012 Update Version 1.4 (2012) provides the following functions and multimedia content: The satellite NAV map and different, combined.
Audi MMI 3G compatible devices. Full Audi MMI 3G navigation from the turn of the year 2012,. in other countries and with Full Audi MMI 3G (new version released in 2012) is more expensive.2012 Australian Youth Olympic Festival

The 2012 Australian Youth Olympic Festival was held in the Southern Highlands region of New South Wales, Australia from 12 to 19 November. It was held between the 2012 Australian Short Track Speed Skating Championships and the 2012 Australian Sprint Speed Skating Championships.

Skating competitions took place at Fox Studios in Gosford. The opening and closing ceremonies took place at the City Recital Hall in Wollongong.

Medal summary

Medal table


Participating sports


3 × 500 metre relay

Short track speed skating

Sprint speed skating


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Australian Youth Olympic Festival, 2012
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