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Name Elden Ring
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Huge World with Fantastic Variety

• Explore a variety of exotic locations, which are all crafted with sophisticated game design. Be immersed in the scenery while experiencing combat challenges in dungeons, on the sea and on land.
• Player Character Specialty Character Evolution

Develop your character according to your play style, develop your character according to your play style, or try to become a hero!
• Strong Character Customization
Your character evolves as you level up. By customizing your character, you can develop your strengths to their absolute potential.
• Powerful Swords, Armor and Equipment
Equip swords to fight the legion of monsters, magic rings to increase your status, and amulets to increase your strength and combat skills.
• Investigate your surroundings
Obtain the ability to enter into the shadows and other fantastical elements. You can enter the dungeon’s hidden depths using the required force.
• Become your own Strategy Game
Engage in battles by selecting from a variety of techniques and skill sequences.

As you explore the Lands Between, you will get a new sense of your role in the world.

A Vast World Surrounded by Myth

The Lands Between has been cut off from the rest of the world for a long time. You can go anywhere you wish, encounter many unknown monsters, and get to know the people of a world that was once vibrant, but now lies in a state of decline.

A world where myths and legends have lived on for generations.

The Empire Crumbles

The old Dark Empire has collapsed. The area you now walk through has fallen into chaos. Monsters are now numerous.

The Darkness spreads.

Take on the role of a hero of the old world. You will fight to unravel the mystery of an appearance of a mythic Black Light.

Control the Magic of the Golden Hoard

• The Magic of the Golden Hoard allows you to summon a variety of powerful spells and enhance your status

As you search for the legendary golden hoard, you will encounter dangerous monsters, encounter dangerous monsters, an overwhelming sense of fear will arise.

The strength of magic will grow stronger.

The Monstrous Legion

• An enormous number of monsters. Your party may even need to fight while defending itself

Using the huge amount of magic that was bred in the world, collect the Great Elden Fortune!

Travel to the Legendary Castle

A dangerous and harsh dungeon structure


Features Key:

  • Unique atmosphere and rich gameplay
  • Brings you back to the old times of MMORPGs
  • An epic play in the Lands Between
  • A great group hunt to beat monsters
  • A lively social community through sharing dungeons
  • PvP…With a pinch of strategy and an earnest spirit
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    Elrs full version…

    The first version of the game allows single-player quests while the second version also introduces group quests

    As with many other RPGs, game contents have a variety of protagonists; you take the role of one of these characters. These characters are known as ‘heroes’. When you are not playing a quest, your characters can perform various skills.
    The first hero you meet, on the street near the gate, is the male protagonist of the game. He is a young half-elf who is nicknamed “ShadowHero”. He was never in a battle. He is a loner, and he doesn’t have many friends, but he is pure of heart, so he constantly helps the weak. Once in a while, he visits a shrine in order to perform a “heroic power” that will help him become an “elite hero”, so he can protect the innocent.
    The second hero you will meet is the female protagonist of the game. She is a half-human, who was rescued from slavery as a child. She is called “Revenant Girl”, and she also lives on the streets. She runs a coffee shop, and she takes care of a lot of people. Sometimes, though, she acts selfishly, and she gets too caught up in her thoughts. As a result, she is known as an “enemy hero”. She has weak self-esteem, and even though she has a lot of power, it has always been difficult for her to stand up to people.
    The way you party with your hero to complete quests is up to you. There are many people in the game, so you can party with anyone and tackle any quest you like.
    You can check out the game’s story in multiple languages. As a result, even if you have no knowledge of Japanese, you will be able to play the


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    A friend and I sat together watching this movie one night during a mundane week at home. In my case, my choice was to do a rough transcription of the film as it was taking place, starting with the movie: “Lion King”. In my friend’s case, he also had a transcribed version of this film of a different sort. He had it in his hands; the book was ready for his ongoing blog, but instead he decided to write it up as a journal.

    In the end, we had both written what for us was a combination of a journal, of our thoughts during the movie, and of our reflections about the movie, the experience and ourselves. That experience: a movie; a collaborative writing exercise; a day spent at home; one night to watch a movie; ….

    Would we repeat that process again? We’re pretty sure we can actually sit down anytime, and continue an experience like that again! And the results won’t be as perfect as they were on this occasion. But what we get out of it is a movie, a blog, a journal, and we, of course, feel like we have renewed our friendship, as well as explored our thoughts in depth about that film and about ourselves.

    As for the lion king, from a young age we were asked to reflect on the tale of a royal lion (Mufasa) and his son (Simba). We were taught to think about our role models – and what we would do if we had to take over where they left off – but this was not a new approach for us to be exposed to. It’s a familiar concept in existential philosophers, and has a name: biographical existentialism.

    And this is what our friends did for us this summer!

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    How To Crack:

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    Thu, 21 Jun 2019 04:24:57 -0400
    Desma 1.9.21

    Since a community update under version 1.9.21, there is a new Hex, and with version 1.9.21, there are 3 new themes that can be downloaded and applied in the same way as using the “Theme Editor” under customizing. Like the theme editor, you can also use the provided files for installation, the description can be found in the special file within the “JDEU” folder on the install directory. The theme description is located at the following address, and you need only copy them into the corresponding directory at the Data directory and the theme will be applied.


    Wed, 05 Aug 2019 16:25:37 -0400



    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
    Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-4200U, AMD A10-9700M
    Memory: 4GB RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce 1050 TI, Intel® HD 520, AMD Radeon R7 240
    DirectX: Version 11
    Storage: 8GB available space
    Additional Notes: Will be tested on 64 bit version of Windows 10. Supported languages include English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Traditional Chinese (traditional Chinese language pack will be included



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