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Doroga V Rossiyu 1.pdf ~UPD~ - ส.หวังเจริญมอเตอร์

Doroga V Rossiyu 1.pdf ~UPD~

Doroga V Rossiyu 1.pdf ~UPD~


Doroga V Rossiyu 1.pdf

Description. Download Doroga v Rossiyu 1.pdf for free. Word Ферюога в Россию 1 book.
Doroga V Rossiyu 1.pdf Download Here · Doroga v Rossiyu Russian Book 1 title: The Way to Russia – Doroga v Rossiyu ·

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Doroga v Rosiju is in the category lvorogav Rossiyu Book (books). We are not responsable for any copyright issues or problems. The book Doroga v Rossiyu: Textbook 1.
The story remains the same: a father or mother of the family goes to the shop or production and invites a good opportunity.Scores killed, wounded in Egyptian medical centre attack

BAGHDAD – 10th December 2009

Mohammed al-Zayyat, a 31 year old computer engineer, was crossing the street with his 4 year old son, Nour, when a car ran over him. Mohammed had been riding his bicycle to the nearby office. The injured man was rushed to the al-Ameriya Medical Complex which is the largest medical centre in Baghdad. The hospital is under the supervision of Iraqi government and the majority of its staff and doctors are Iraqi.

A delegation of doctors and police was sent to examine the scene of the crime. The car driver was taken to the Sibila Centre for investigation. Police documents uncovered at the crime scene identified the suspect as Mohammed Naim, a twenty five year old resident of the neighbourhood.

On the afternoon of the same day, Mohammed Ayesh Mohammed Awad was crossing the street with his two year old son, Ammar, when a car ran over and killed him. Ammar was also rushed to the al-Ameriya Medical Complex.

A medical team arrived at the scene after the second incident. The officials with the police who were standing in the street, then informed relatives that both the suspects had been arrested.

There is a history of problems with car drivers in this area. In the past, many Iraqi families suffered property damage caused by cars that ran over pedestrians.

The documents found in the car included; copies of the driving licenses and several ID cards.

“When we went to the medical centre to identify the victims, we found documents in the car belonging to the alleged murderer. This is evidence that the driver fled the scene after the incident” said a senior police officer at the Sibila.Q:

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