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Laravel 5.2. Omitting field from relationship with query builder

I want to generate a query builder object to return 3 Model instances, 1 of which relationship relations were omitted from.
For example, from the following data structure:
public function store(StoreRequest $request)
$store = new Store($request->all());


return $this->show($request);

I’d like to generate the following relationship list:
[0] => Array
[store_id] => 1
[name] => Store Name 1
[1] => Array
[store_id] => 2
[name] => Store Name 2
[2] => Array
[store_id] => 3
[name] => Store Name 3

This is the closest I have got, but it’s obviously not perfect and as I understand it, the relationship query builder is just SQL so I have included fetching the relations in the query builder which I’m not sure I’m happy with.
public function show($request)
return User::with([‘stores as’=> function($query)
$query->orderBy(‘’, ‘asc’);
->whereHas(‘’, $request->id)

So is there any way to create a query builder object using the relationship object to omit a field from the relationship relationship?


Method you are using currently is wrong. Instead of:
User::with([‘stores as’=> function($query)

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