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Arul Nool Tamil Pdf 233 - ส.หวังเจริญมอเตอร์

Arul Nool Tamil Pdf 233

Arul Nool Tamil Pdf 233



Arul Nool Tamil Pdf 233

When the book was published, Ayyavazhi was losing ground in the region and attributed to the political scenario, that it was published to gain attention and participation in the political arena. To address this situation, the Ayyavazhi believers felt the need to adopt a method to gain mass-renewal and thus decided to merge all their beliefs in a new book called the Arul Nool. The Arul Nool is considered as the 15th book of Ayyavazhi.

The religious leaders of the time are considered saints. The Ayya Vaikundar avatar was identified as the son of god by the believers. Ayya Vaikundar was allegedly born in the Tamil Nadu city of Coimbatore and many other similar locations.

Another unique feature of the Ayyavazhi is the use of the term Chronology . Ayyavazhi believes that there are four Pancha Sarathi (The four steps of the ancient era) and each of them is a Golden Age. The first golden age is the Akalappancotta (1700 AD) when a king was ruling the nation. The second golden age is the Kaivaraaja (1800 AD) when the Tamil Nadu Kingdom was established by Kaivaraaja and this golden era is characterized by the goddess Maha Maya (1800 AD). The third golden age is Apirana Ayya (1900 AD) and the fourth golden age is the current Ayya Vaikundara’s time (1999 AD).

the tamil people who lived on the west coast of india in the 5th to the 8th centuries ad were influenced by the cultural and social life of the persian and the greek people. the tamil literature, in all fields, was influenced by these people. in the 8th century ad there was a marked change in tamil literature. the classical tamil poet, vipulan, a descendant of chera kings, presented a new set of problems in tamil literature. vipulan won great fame by his own originality, and is called the father of tamil poetry.



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