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To produce a good-looking, serious image, you need to understand the fundamentals of composition and color theory. Exposure and lighting come into play as well, of course, but they’re just as important when you produce your own images as when you use the work of others, as you’ll see in Chapter 5.

Understanding Photoshop for beginners

Photoshop serves you well in many ways. You can create new documents, layers, and paths. You can manipulate pixels, create images from scratch, edit existing images, change the look of an image using built-in tools, and much more.

I will show you how to use Photoshop at the basic level. The basics are quite different from the way you use a word processor like Pages or Microsoft Word, for example. That’s because you work with pixels instead of characters.

It’s often helpful to make a timeline of an image so that you can see which layers are visible at any given time and you can move them around to change the image’s appearance. (See Chapter 8 for more on layers and how to manipulate them.)

One feature of Photoshop that I will cover here is the options bar. Every tool you use has its own options bar, which you can use to see all the controls, including the settings for output and display options. You can also use options bars to customize and work with your files.

You can access options for the Curves tool (as shown in Figure 1-1) by choosing Edit⇒Preferences⇒Curves.

You can find the same options for each tool by pressing the tool’s button and choosing that tool’s Options⇒Curves (Figure 1-2) or Options⇒Font⇒Options (Figure 1-3).

Photoshop also offers you help with options, as shown in Figure 1-4. When you click Options and then select a tool and menu choice, you’ll see this options bar.

The Help menu and the Options bar don’t offer tutorials, but you can find a tutorial online at

Photoshop 11 introduced a new tutorial interface called Photoshop CS5 Tutorials, which I explain in Chapter 16. The interface provides a large number of tutorials.

**Figure 1-1:** The Options bar displays settings for your image.

**Figure 1-2:** You can also access the

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Some of the most in-demand Photoshop tutorials focus on the most advanced techniques and topics in Photoshop. However, many of these tutorials can also be easily replicated on an even more basic level by those new to Photoshop. These tutorials are usually posted on the popular Photoshop community forum.

The best results are usually achieved when there are multiple layers working simultaneously. Each layer has its own content and editing properties. This allows for fast iteration, and for cleaning up your image before it is finalized.

Often the best results are achieved when these Photoshop tutorials begin by showing the student how to create a “faux” photo in Photoshop in order to understand the different types of photographs that can be created. Photoshop can be used for many purposes, but the most common way to use the software is to take a picture of something in nature, edit the picture, and then post it online. But, what if you don’t want to do that? What if you want to make an entirely new, customized photo out of your iPad? What if your kid made a 3-D coloring book that is so cool that you have to make a Photoshop photo of it and post it to Instagram? There are endless ways that Photoshop can be used, and the following Photoshop tutorials show you just how many.

Learn how to design and create your own colorful wall art using Photoshop.

Are you an aspiring game designer? Photoshop can be used to create some really cool game graphics. Some of these Photoshop tutorials will be extremely easy to follow, and others will require a bit of artistic skill. Regardless of what kind of skills you have, Photoshop can create some pretty cool effects.

Learn how to create high-quality animations in Photoshop.

One of the most popular graphics programs of all time is Photoshop. It can be used to create everything from vector illustrations to photo manipulations. However, if you don’t have the skills to create these high-quality images yourself, there are Photoshop tutorials that can help. Photoshop tutorials show you how to create these awesome designs, and then they show you how to create these awesome designs, and then they show you how to create these awesome designs in Photoshop.

While the most sought after photo software is Photoshop, there are many other software and online services that can be used to create impressive images. Photoshop is free to use, but many students are willing to pay for the software if they want to do something more advanced. Many modern college students get hired as

Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.0.1)


Memory Management with UIWebView

I have recently implemented a web view in iOS app. I have set the WKWebViewDelegate in my app. I am properly releasing the WKWebView and WebView itself. The problem I am facing is that whenever I load the page from the web view I am getting memory warnings in Xcode profiler. The number of warnings I am getting is around 30. I know that this can be due to some object that is not properly releasing, but do i have to manually release all objects? Is there any sample code out there that demonstrates a proper memory management implementation for all objects. If you can not release any object, then at least show the objects that are not released or atleast show the points where the app is leaking memory.


The best way to debug memory leaks is like this:

Remove all release builds from the App Target
If necessary, also remove debug builds from the App Target.
Add all of your debug builds back to the App Target.
Clean (Cmd+Shift+K) the App Target.
Build and run it, using the build configuration with the most debug code, ideally a build containing debugger symbols.

When you see the memory warning, switch back to the release build configuration. This will have a lock in the top left corner. Simply click on the lock and you will see a pie chart of how much memory each of your build configurations have. Compare this pie chart with the one you have currently. You can see whether you have a leak by seeing where the pie chart for release is larger than the pie chart for the current build configuration, and which of the current build configuration’s pie charts are similar to the one from the working build configuration.
As @matt mentions, the Address Sanitizer tool can detect some of the more severe leaks.
One last tip before I stop talking: for leaks, you may also want to use the static analyzer (Cmd+Shift+B) and determine whether you are using any clang-style static analysis warnings. You may want to look at:

Malloc: Use of null pointer.

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System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.0.1):

1. CPU: Intel i7 7700K (4.2GHz) or AMD equivalent, Core i5 7600K (4.2GHz), Core i5 7400 (3.8GHz), Core i3 7100 (3.8GHz), Core i3 6100 (3.9GHz), or AMD equivalent;
Intel i7 7700K (4.2GHz) or AMD equivalent, Core i5 7600K (4.2GHz), Core i5 7400 (3.8GHz), Core i3 7100 (3

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