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WLMStatus is a useful little tool that allows you to show your friends what you’re currently doing. Easily and quickly display your MSN/Windows Live Messenger Status, your display picture or the music you are currently listening to, on your home page







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► User can see the status of other users in their MSN/Windows Live Messenger Status, display picture or the music they’re listening to.

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This application allows you to Manage your inbox with ease and to do this it can handle all your emails with the power of WLM (Windows Live Messenger) and well integrate with all mail client like outlook express, outlook 2007 and 2010 and Thunderbird and Jabber.

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WLMStatus [2022-Latest]

This is a fun and easy way to show your friends what you’re doing at the moment or what you’re listening to. Simply put your status in the WLMStatus For Windows 10 Crack text box and it will be displayed at your home page.
To add your status to the list of the latest status updates, you must create a new ad. Click the Add a new ad button at the bottom of any existing ad and follow the instructions. Simply fill out the information for the status or picture and click on the Add button at the bottom to create a new ad.
To add a new status or picture, click the New button and fill out the information for the status or picture. By default, the “status” ad will be used as the display picture for the WLMStatus Crack Keygen widget (this is the default “status” ad you can see on the upper right).
To change a Status advertisement from your profile to a Display Advertisement, go to the Profile Ad Screen and click the + button in the “Display Ad” column, then click the big + on the lower right of the Home Screen widget to add it to your list of Home Screen ads.
A Quick Guide:
1) Go to and sign in.
2) Click on My Home and click on the WLMStatus Serial Key button on the upper right (Note: You must have a display picture before you can add or change a status ad).
3) Click on the WLMStatus Free Download text box on the bottom of the ad on your Home Screen and type in your status or picture. Click on the red Save button at the bottom when you are done.
4) Now go to your Windows Live Messenger and go to View > Status.
5) Now go to the Home tab and click on the new WLMStatus ad that you just added on the Home Screen.
6) Go to the View tab and click on the WLMStatus icon (the little circle with the number “0”) to change your status.
7) Go to the Windows Live Messenger > Status tab and click on the WLMStatus icon to change your status.
More Information:

If you have any questions or problems, just email me @ my email address (in profile) – I will try to help out.

If you click this link


WLMStatus is a tool that allows you to easily and quickly display your MSN/Windows Live Messenger Status, your display picture or the music you are currently listening to, on your home page. It doesn’t consume any system resources, only uses the space needed for the current display. In addition to this, WLMStatus allows you to configure a status message with default information, for each of your friends.

WLMStatus Features:
– Display the status of the MSN or Windows Live Messenger accounts (Friend, Away, Online, Msg from the user, Msg from the bot, Unseen)
– Display the user’s display picture or music player information.
– Configurable text-style and image-style notifications.
– Display the status in an easy to use toolbox on your home page.
– Easily change the displayed status of your friends from the ‘Settings’ screen.
– Supports Windows XP, Vista and 7, and Live Messenger version 4.0 and upwards.
– WLMStatus doesn’t consume any additional system resources, only uses the space needed for the current status.

Display Picture and Music Player Status:
With WLMStatus you can display the display picture of the user or the music player you’re currently listening to, on your home page. The displayed image is resized to the space available in the status bar. And you can configure a default image for each of your friends.

Text Style Notification:
Use any text style that you desire for the status message. Just pick an icon you want to display on your home page and a status message.

Image Style Notification:
In addition to text style notifications, you can use images to notify your friends about what you are doing or what you are listening to.

Basic Settings:
In the ‘Settings’ screen you can configure the following:
– What display picture to display to your friends
– What images to show for each of your friends
– What display texts to display
– Whether to use audio/video notification
– Whether to notify your friends about your music player or display picture

Advanced Settings:
In the ‘Advanced Settings’ screen, you can configure the following:
– How to handle other status icons (away, idle, away/idle, offline, offline/idle, offline/away)
– How to handle your buddy

What’s New In?

Windows Live Messenger Status. Displays your online status, picture of your profile and what song you are listening to, using the WLMStatus library.

In the News

Hamburger 1.0

Just like that, I deleted it from the store.
It is no longer supported.
I will be taking this off the web.

Hamburger 1.0

I noticed that your code also declared the version check variable to be a global variable.

This is how I fixed it, since the global variable scopes are not the same

Hamburger 1.0

I got it to work but I have a lot of questions.
Why does it work with this function?

Notice the second parameter which is your function, with the request_subcheck_status

Where does the vista_version local variable comes from? and the request_subcheck_status on line 11?

Anybody feel like answering those questions? The code is so cryptic.

Hamburger 1.0

I would also ask why vista_version even exist? I thought the purpose of the find_up_version function is to determine whether the user is running vista or not, by seeing if the user has the “Vista” folder and the registry edit.

Sure, I’m looking for that as well.

Hamburger 1.0

What are you going to do with that function vista_version(), I don’t understand the purpose of this function since I don’t see where it exists or how it is being used.

There are 2 libraries which use Find_up_version function.
One is in the menu, and the other one is in the source code.
From the last one, the function is used by WLMStatus library.
The problem is, I don’t know where the function is used by WLMStatus, so I don’t know how to handle the function.

Hamburger 1.0

You say there’s a lot of strange code and that there is an obvious issue.

I notice that you make an attempt to fix this by inserting a new function vista_version() but that in and of itself creates a problem.
I’ll leave the question to you as to what that error is, but it would have helped us or the find_up_version() function if you revealed what the error is.

System Requirements For WLMStatus:

OS: Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista SP2
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.4GHz
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: 1GB VRAM
Hard Drive: 15GB available space
DirectX: Version 9.0
Windows Updates: This game requires Microsoft Windows 10 update 17134 or later
OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5-3320
Memory: 4GB RAM


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