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Name Vegas Tales
Publisher daseln
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GoBlaster is a bullet-hell score-chasing game where you can always beat your personal best.
Use powerups to blast through enemies while dodging their overwhelming attacks, and over time unlock new playable ships.
Your ships special ability to defend yourself and survive!
Unlock new ships by surviving past certain levels.
Your ship must survive an endless onslaught of procedural (and hand placed) blood thirsty space pirates.
Get to level 20 and beat the final boss, then try to survive!
Along the way, grab weapon power-ups and increase your health by defeating enemies.
Use your ships special ability to defend yourself and survive!
Your ship has two special abilities: Turbo & Super Mode.
Turbo – Reduce the time before enemies attack you by 70% and your bullets by 50%.
Super Mode – Increase your bullets and health by 20% and 30%, respectively.
Power Ups:
Core: Increases power & health. Can be used to increase your health more and more by touching it again.
Weapon: Increases power & health of a certain weapon. Can be used to increase your power more and more. Can only be used once per level.
Energize: Increases your stamina and decreases the power and health of all enemies. Can only be used once per level.
Score: Increases your score by 1. Can be used to increase your score more and more. Can only be used once per level.
Death Field: Increases the damage dealt to enemies. Can only be used once per level.
When Bosses: Increases the number of powerups you can find. Can only be used once per level.
F.E.A.R.: Increases the number of ship upgrades (more ship abilities). Can only be used once per level.
ARMOR: Increases your shield. Can only be used once per level.
Jump Difficulty:
Easy – No jumping!
Normal – You can jump and fall
Hard – You can jump and fall
Very Survival – You can’t die.
Somewhat Survival – You lose a ship (see screenshot for details).
Survive – You win!
Main Game Features:
A total of 12 fully destructable, fully customizable ships.
Ships from different stars and planets.
Have different special abilities and power-ups.
More ships are unlockable after beating the game.
Eight more ships will be added after release (from


Features Key:

  • A New World of Adventure
  • A Unique Physics System
  • A New Galaxy Way of Play
  • A Great Smacking Sound
  • Three New Challenging Levels
  • Online Leaderboards
  • A New Way to Win
  • The First Toy Game


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From indie game developer “Addicted to Games”:
Dr Pussycat is a game with a simple goal: you have to match pairs of tiles in your 5×5 grid using only the tiles on the right side. You have to remember the tiles on the left side while matching the tiles to those on the right side, then you have to click on the tile that should be placed in the middle. But the tiles are scattered and the matching tiles are on the right side of the screen, in the border of the tileboard. After each level, you have 5 minutes to find the pairs.
You have to match each tile on the left side with its corresponding tile on the right side to make it disappear. Drag the tiles by clicking on them. Use the scroll wheel of your mouse to move the tiles. To move the tiles you can press and release the spacebar to drag them, you can use your mouse wheel to rotate the screen. When you click a tile, you can turn it horizontally or vertically.
To interact with the world, you can zoom out (click the button in the top-right corner of the screen), use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out or use the mouse cursor to rotate the view.
The more tiles there are, the longer it takes to solve the game. The level of difficulty is intentionally varied and increases with each level: the difficulty goes from easy to medium to hard.
The game automatically saves your game state and the level progress on a weekly basis.
With the optional aimbot, you can easily pass each level you need to by clicking with the scroll wheel without using the mouse cursor.
Optimized for mouse and keyboard, it is also possible to play the game from the console (QEMU or Virtualbox) when using a “keyboard with mouse” emulation.
In this case, the keyboard can be used to place the tiles while using the mouse to zoom, rotate and pan the view.
– 5×5 grid
– 50+ levels
– Various locations
– Environment interaction
– Help (open the guide in the bottom-left corner of the screen)
– Autosave
– Left-click for placing
– Right click for resizing
– Spacebar to play
– Mouse wheel to zoom
– Mouse cursor to rotate
– Aimbot for faster gameplay
– Screenshot function (using the optional mouse-controlled “keyboard with mouse” emulation)
– Universal binary

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• Play online with either local or online multi-player. – Local Multi-Player (LAN Play): Play against others on your local network, LAN play is not available for online play. • Play online with either local or online multi-player. – Online Multi-Player (Online Play): Enter a world with thousands of players. Play against other players around the world.

PS4 Themes
“The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki I, II, and III – Beautiful Begun”
This theme will tell the story of the entire series, which is composed of the three versions of “The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki” and set the scene for this brand new adventure. “The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki I, II, and III – Beautiful Begun” is available for purchase through the PlayStation Store.

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Most styles of


What’s new:



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Mervils VR is a video game, developed and published by French indie studio PulseHaptics.
Mervils takes place in an unknown metropolis, deep underground. An evil force threatens all the inhabitants. Most of them are gathering in the Caravan, a safe zone for the most adept to survive and escape. Their ordeal has only begun, as many difficulties lie ahead.
The player takes the role of a new arrival, a young woman. Finding herself lost, barely alive and alone in this new world, she must battle with her hunger and all the dangers around her in this amazing journey.
In the heart of a battlefield, a little girl, guided by the light of her friend Mervils, crosses a treacherous labyrinth while avoiding a host of hostile enemies. Can she reach the exit in time before all is lost?
You control her movements and actions with the HTC Vive controller. You can use the stick of the controller to move her, the buttons to interact with the objects and levers to activate abilities.
During her perilous journey, the little girl helps the protagonist, after which she becomes the protagonist herself. In this way, players will be able to guide Mervils through the various stages of his perilous journey. The journey continues with Mervils, and the story of his life and destiny unfolds through worlds found in the far reaches of space.
Tons of Abundance
Mervils offers a wealth of gameplay through the interaction of 3D objects with more than 60 interactive objects including levers, switches, buttons and more.
Different animated characters help to trigger the special abilities of the protagonist and guide her on her journey.
The protagonist moves with 3 degrees of freedom, allowing for a perfect sense of immersion in this world.
In addition to the game itself, the game comes with dozens of beautiful animations, intriguing characters, and a detailed and authentic 3D music score.
Challenge Over 30 Levels
You will encounter an incredible scenario filled with numerous dangers. Mervils is the protagonist of his own story!
In addition to his spontaneous adventures, he will have to evolve his abilities. Mervils will gain new powers and abilities during his journey and will finally be able to help the young protagonist in her struggle for survival in the last and most challenging levels of the game.
For example, during one of the early stages of the game, Mervils will be able to activate the magic paintbrush and draw a “prayer” which will help the protagonist along


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