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Toronto Traffic Cams is a widget that will show on your desktop images from a number of Highway 401 traffic cameras for the Toronto, ON area. Currently the only cams that are displayed are the major highway intersections.









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* A small reminder appears on your desktop indicating that you have not enabled the traffic cam application.
* Select either “All” or “Video” and press the button.
* You are not done. You need to configure it further before it will run.
* When you are done you can close the reminder and use the traffic cam application as you wish.

As of version 0.1.1, these are the drivers that I’ve tested with to get the cams running:


Windows –


NDISWRAP-1.80 (Windows 2000 and up)


SANE-1.0.0-1.6.13 (Windows 2000 and up)


cabs (Windows 2000 and up)

Other –










Other –





When using the NDISWRAP drivers, the rtsp servers need to be set. These are the ones that I’ve used thus far, in no particular order:

For the most part, the same in them that I’ve used with the others, but if you are running a version of Linux, change the IP addresses to your specific ones.

In the config file, change the IP address to the right one of your rtsp server.

Download this configuration file, edit it and replace the IP address with the IP of the rtsp server you just added.

For instance if it’s set to

change it to

To get this working on Windows 2000 and up you need to install the NDISWRAP drivers mentioned above.

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Using this plugin in conjunction with the KeyZap plugin and the CtrlSpace plugin, you can receive a number of interesting features like the ability to add a shortcut to your keyboard for any window.

Works on all supported platforms.

UPDATED 05/21/2010:

This plugin is no longer maintained and is not tested. There were some issues with some operating systems, so I’ve been getting some requests to re-release this plugin. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to spend the time to fully test and release a new version. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

The the features of the current version are listed below. The version will be updated whenever bugs are found or new features requested. Please report any problems you encounter.

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There is an option to configure the notification text.

The number of active screens is

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This widget is basically a stripped down version of the iphone/ipad app called “Toronto traffic cams”.
Thanks to Chad Sawch for the code.
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What’s New In?

Traffic cameras are mapped by major roads, major interchanges and major highways.

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System Requirements For Toronto Traffic Cams:

Supported OS: Comments:
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