Primascan Colorado 2400u Driver ‘LINK’

Primascan Colorado 2400u Driver ‘LINK’



Primascan Colorado 2400u Driver

if your driver is only recognized by the built-in scanner on the motherboard, you’ll see your motherboard’s information in the top box, and the name of the device (on windows 10, it will also have the name of the driver that is installed.)

when you have the scanner driver installed, you’ll be able to use the scanner’s features. you can also use the driver manager that came with your printer/scanner device to find the specific driver to download and install.

i’ve followed your instructions and had to deal with some additional hoops. the usb scanner seemed to work fine until i tried to use the hp-scan-utility (scangui). after scangui installed a set of drivers and reconfigured the printer, i was unable to get the scanner to see the printer again. scangui was complaining the printer’s driver wasn’t installed.

the only two examples i’ve found of using manual driver installation on scangui/hp’s website were using windows 8.1. there is no os requirement listed in the section i’ve followed. scangui apparently doesn’t work at all under windows 8.

i tried inserting the file to the location it specified and then restarted the computer. scangui launched and failed again telling me the scanner couldn’t detect the printer. the only other thing i saw was that the printer was set to the default drivers which do show the scanner as not being supported.

logging out and back in, the default printer was gone. the scanner remained. next, i got the scanner to see the printer by editing the printer settings. i then scanned a test page using the scanner and the printer was visible in the print window. scangui and the printer were now working again.[3264bit-april2022[updated-2022


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