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Magic Affirmations is novel software that lets background images with your personal affirmations appear magically on the screen at regular intervals without disturbing your work. Affirmations are positively phrased sentences that, through frequent repetition, influence the subconscious mind in a positive direction. During this process, negative thoughts are gradually being replaced by new, constructive thought patterns. Let your affirmations work their magic, simply while you work on your computer.
Magic Affirmations can also display the sentences phrased by you in a separate window. This window slowly appears on top of all other windows, remains there for a few seconds, and then disappears again automatically. This way, you will constantly be reminded of your positive statements while working on the PC.
Use your computer in order to motivate yourself, reach your goals, and keep reminding yourself of a constructive way of thinking – in order to develop your personality.







Magic Affirmations [Win/Mac]

Magic Affirmations is an application that enables you to add your personal positive sentences. These affirmations can be displayed automatically at regular intervals on the screen of your PC. This lets you keep reminding yourself of your personal positive way of thinking while working. It is an application for Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
Key features:
Highly positive images can be used as a background.
Right-click on the personal background image and you can start the Magic Affirmations software.
To install Magic Affirmations on your computer:

Magic Affirmations is a shareware application.

To start the application, right click on the MSI file and select “Run”.

You will then be taken to the application.

If you are not satisfied with the copy of Magic Affirmations on your computer, you can send a mail to the author. The author will send a replacement of the Magic Affirmations software. To be sure that the replacement is correct, the author will send you a test version of the replacement.

If you are satisfied with the copy of Magic Affirmations on your computer, you can continue to use the application.


The author can send you a replacement Magic Affirmations software if you are not satisfied with the software that you are using. If you choose not to receive the replacement, please remove the Magic Affirmations software from your computer after you have been sent the replacement.

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Magic Affirmations is freeware, you can run it on any computer. No installation or activation is required. If you like this software, you may wish to pass it on to your friends. They can free download Magic Affirmations from
Thank you for your kind support.

Magic Affirmations is a great piece of software. I found that it worked better than I expected it to. I use it at work as a way to keep myself motivated to accomplish things that I set out to do and it works great. The background images are beautiful and the interval at which the affirmations appear, while comfortable, is ideal. I really enjoy this application and highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a powerful mind tool that can be used at work or at home.

I have been using this software for over a year now. It’s been a life saver. I tend to procrastinate and

Magic Affirmations Crack Activation Download PC/Windows

– Free fast and easy software with so many customization options
– Select the exact period of time the affirmation window should appear, as well as how often and for how long the window should remain on screen
– You can also select whether the window will display the original unmodified affirmation with your background image or whether the window will display your affirmations on the computer screen as regular text
– You can configure Magic Affirmations to work in all regular and custom windows with appropriate background and text color settings.

The user can set the individual appearances of the icons. Each icon is configured using the colors and images from the system. For example, the Microsoft Windows logo can be configured to use the same colors as the Microsoft operating system. The display of the product logo also indicates which software version the program is currently using. You can also modify the appearance of the message box.

Use your computer to promote your business, motivate yourself and keep reminding yourself of a positive way of thinking – in order to develop your personality.

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Magic Affirmations With Key

Magic Affirmations is a small application that supports your declaration of intent. With your help, you can use this software to introduce a certain direction and positive thinking pattern into your daily activities.
Magic Affirmations works automatically as soon as you start the computer. Once every 2 minutes, new phrases will appear in a dialog window for a few seconds. These affirmations repeat by themselves and recur regularly in the background.
You can use Magic Affirmations for your own purposes. You can easily use the software to introduce positive feeling into your daily activities. You will find out why this is a sound idea by trying it out and experiencing the magic.
The Magic Affirmations dialog window will not disturb you. You can therefore concentrate on your work uninterruptedly and easily.
The affirmations you enter into the Magic Affirmations dialog window gradually replace negative patterns of thought with positive ones. You can additionally write down your own affirmations in the dialog window. It is therefore easy to maintain a positive way of thinking and feeling.
If you start the Magic Affirmations dialog window frequently enough, it will remain visible on top of all other windows on your computer. You will therefore keep hearing your affirmations whenever you start working. During these moments, your mind is already developing a new, positive way of thinking.
– New messages appear automatically on the computer every two minutes.
– The messages are either self-selected affirmations or suggestions of the program.
– You can configure the settings for the time interval at which new messages are automatically presented.
– You can optionally turn off the dialog window entirely.
– You can define your own affirmations in the dialog window.
– You can write down your own affirmations in the dialog window.
– Each of the affirmations is expressed positively and simply.
– You can save your settings for future work.
– You can save your last entry so that you can come back later and go through the affirmations that you have entered.
– You can specify whether the quotes should be spoken aloud by the computer.
– In the current release of the software, the messages are displayed on the computer screen. You can adjust the level of sound by clicking on the speaker icon.
– Each statement is provided with a sound file to ensure a good level of impression.
– If the system does not allow to run all the program files, you can run Magic Affirmations in a parallel program.
– The messages appear on a new dialog window every

What’s New In Magic Affirmations?

Magic Affirmations is a program to visualize positive affirmation images on the computer screen. Especially suitable if you are in a bad mood or are looking for a refresher of your thoughts, the program will help you to change your mental state.
The program features four different affirmation modes (empty, manual, automatic, and time-based) and provides more than 30 different affirmation images.
The images are pre-configured in the program. Various sizes are available in order to fit them to your screen resolution.
Each image may be placed on your computer screen at various positions and at various sizes. This ensures that you can place your affirmations anywhere you like, ensuring that your affirmations will never distract you.
You can define the size of the display window, the background of the image and other settings.
The images can be personalized with whatever texts, graphics or other information you like.
The background may be changed from a green to black color, or from a white to any other colors, if you so desire.
Magic Affirmations lets you save your favorite images as a template. This ensures that you can return to these affirmations at any time, either on your own or with a push of a button.
The program does not disturb you in the slightest. It can even run in the background while you work. The images are displayed at regular intervals without distracting you.
Even your display settings are taken care of: The images remain on your screen even if you have a different color depth or screen resolution, and you can also change the display settings.
You can even place more than one image in one screen.
When you run Magic Affirmations on your own, you can use the manual, automatic, or time-based affirmation modes.
The program will start when you start up your computer, and run automatically in the background.
You can control the appearance of your affirmations at any time, by pressing a button on your keyboard, for example. You can also configure Magic Affirmations so that it makes a sound when the affirmation mode is active.
Magic Affirmations can also be used as an alarm. You can set a specific time for your affirmations and alert you at that time.
You can also decide whether your affirmations are displayed on your main screen or on your display window.
Besides the affirmation modes there is also an option to display a specific template or to display a background picture. The program can even change your computer’s clock in order to match your affirm

System Requirements:

* Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
* DirectX 9.0 compatible video card
* 1 GB RAM or higher
Recommended Requirements:
* DirectX 11 compatible video card
* 2 GB RAM or higher
How to install this mod:
1. Download this mod
2. Extract the archive in your mods folder
3. Launch the.exe (if not already installed)
4. Play /wp-content/uploads/2022/07/faddjan.pdf

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