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Worlds Torn asunder by a mysterious force, the race to claim territory has begun. As enemies and allies emerge, the struggle for dominion becomes even more complicated, and each player will make his or her mark as the factions struggle over the lands. Armed with the unprecedented abilities of a Guardian, players will explore a vast world, build an arsenal of powerful weapons and allies, and share in the creation of a living world.


Guild Wars Factions® is an action-RPG game developed by ArenaNet Studios, Inc. and published by NCSoft Co., Ltd. for Windows.

NOTE: Guild Wars Factions® contains adult content and may not be appropriate for all ages.


This section contains content that was turned in by Guild Wars Factions® fans. Please enjoy the content and the forum, and give credit where credit is due.


::Read-through:: NLA: Mobs

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Strategy/Single Player
Strategy/Single Player

This section has articles pertaining to what the strategy side of Guild Wars Factions® is all about. The intent is to provide players with some insight into what the in-game strategy and the people who work on it are doing.


This section contains everything you will need to know to beat Guild Wars Factions®. From tips to hints, from walkthroughs to strategy, from mini-guide to full-fledged tutorials.


This section contains guides to help players solve a wide variety of problems they encounter throughout the game. Topics range from game mechanics to play style to setting up the game so that you get the most out of it.


This section contains all of the in-game content that can be used as a reference. In addition to some additional information about the characters and items in Guild Wars Factions®, the Guild Wars Factions® Wiki ( contains a collection of information on the in-game map and many other topics.



Features Key:

  • One player account with 10 game levels.
  • A never ending game content.

Key Features

Hidden Objects – The Mystery House

  • One player account with 10 game levels.
  • A never ending game content.


LOGistICAL 2: Sweden Free X64 [Updated]

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LOGistICAL 2: Sweden Full Version Free For PC (Updated 2022)

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published:24 Sep 2017


Engineer, lead spaceship designer, roam around and explore the galaxy in Galaxy of Lights.
‘Engrammer’ is first game from indie game studio, SoulSpace!
In this sci-fi/observational game you take on the role of a starship engineer. When you finally reach your destination, you find yourself a bit older and without your family. But you also get a new lot of challenges.
“In my games, the screen is a first-person engine and while the engine points in a fixed direction, you can turn in any direction based on where you want to explore. To experience every inch of the galaxy, the player will take on the role of an engineer in training and explore the galaxy in a spaceship they have designed their own selves.”
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Astro Bot Rescue Mission: ReduxEdna is angry at her elder sister for being the sole inheritor of a vast fortune after the death of their father and her sister’s brief marriage to a penniless aristocrat. Her sister lives in Paris with her son, the heir to the recently inherited fortune, and a dog named Astro. Edna is going to Paris to meet her sister and her son to demand the return of her fortune. She hires a boy named Leo who comes with a bit of a problem – he is Astro Bot and he likes to destroy things. To make things worse, Edna’


What’s new in LOGistICAL 2: Sweden:


Loot Box Quest is a unique genre genre where you play as a heroic hero who travels your way across the galaxy to eliminate villains from their hideout.

The number one objective of the hero is to acquire several loot boxes (boxes that have random valuable items inside) and to open them and collect their valuable items for cash.

The loot boxes are “XP to get more loot boxes”. The hero is sent from level to level, until he gets enough loot boxes to enter the next


In the quest world the items are currency needed for various purchases. The different NPCs. (NPCs are the game characters that appear in the game and are used by the player to perform certain tasks in the game – the most popular NPCs are merchant who sell the player items).

The next step after opening loot boxes is to open the loot box again and again.

It is the progression of the quest. If the hero wants to maximize his gain as much as possible, then he should collect the loot boxes as fast as possible.

Loot Box Quest comes with a well-implemented loot system. The loot boxes will open only with certain Loot Box Quest v4.2.2 xp and will be randomized using a randomizer. They are consecutive and it is possible to earn many loot boxes in a short time.

In Loot Box Quest there are 3 loot box types:

Quests: Loot boxes of this type are nonlinear for the player (no pause between level and level). Loot boxes of this type don’t take any XP and will give no leveling experience points. However, some of them may be worth large amounts of money.

Mythical Loot (Purchases): All items in this category are obtained from a normal loot box which can be open on every level. The player is allowed to open it any number of times and it will give the same (not different) items.

Heavy Loot (Purchases): All items in this category are obtained from a normal loot box which can be open on every level. The player is allowed to open it any number of times and it will give the same (not different) items.

Since, in the first level, players get this Loot Box with 1XP and can open it a maximum of 2 times, so there are no XP, this is a first level quest which allows the player to level up easily.


Free Download LOGistICAL 2: Sweden Crack [Win/Mac]

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How To Crack:

  • You do not need setup or crack to run the emulator
  • Run the game by double-clicking the mfg March Forward.exe
  • Player input control works and sound effects work
  • No or accurate data-files show on the console/settings window
  • Astroboy’s super-suit is working as described in the game!
  • No weird camera issues or other issues
  • The emulator works fine in-game and you can play any game like you would play on the real game platform and run it smoothly. The editor works fine and you can add your own music, usc, graphics and extra features to your game. The console software, called March Console, has been made to auto detect all sorts of data from the game making it easier for you to use some of the data of the game. You can easily ask the emulator for data, like pressing a button with no music, using a super power or whatever. Also, depending on what data you are looking for you can quickly get to it in the software. After adding a little bit of data and press a button a tutorial will show you how to use the editor, you click on the button you want it to do and the emulator does the rest for you. Of course you need to set all buttons to the necessary value to ask the game to do what you need.
    We can not say if this is a Bug or a Feature on the game. You can click the buttons in-game and it works just fine.
    In March Forward the usage of the super power bar seems to be a Bug, this works like on the real game too.
    For the Audio, The Wind/Water effect is sometimes playing twice for the player, though it sometimes won’t. You can normally just change the Audio to your favorite file and it will work fine. Other effects like the Sound of Tiny Shells is only played once.
    The music on the emulator as some older data and the SPC files contain Advanced data that makes the music one weird song when the graphics isn’t right. There isn’t much you can do about this though.
    Since the Game is written in Visual Studio the hard coded functions of the Game run even when you play on the emulator. So there isn’t a part that needs a game patch and is lost when you play it on the emulator.



    System Requirements:

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