Infotech English For Computer Users 4th Edition Key Answers

Infotech English For Computer Users 4th Edition Key Answers



Infotech English For Computer Users 4th Edition Key Answers

reliability of a computer is closely related to the amount of memory, hard disk space, and processor speed in a computer. a computer that stores a lot of information and has a fast processor can process information at a high speed and usually will be much more reliable than a computer with less memory and processor speed.

sat, the very popular standardized test used to assess whether a student has mastered material taught in school, was developed in 1952. in the 1960s, the test was retooled to produce college- and university-entrance exams. sat has been in constant use since its inception and has become a favorite in the united states due to it’s being standardized and universal.

penguins tamed and released into the wild in 1990. in the 1990s, snowy owls, bengals, and koalas were made pets by people who thought they were cute. in 2008, a video of a baby polar bear swimming in the water was uploaded to youtube and went viral. people liked this video so much they made a website to share it, which was called the polar bear sanctuary .

introduction to hackers and other computer security issues. hacking and data protection are terms that have been around for a few decades, but they began to be noticed when the internet became popular and the need for security became apparent. people began to access computers and other devices remotely without using a password. hacking was defined as the act of creating a technical advantage over someone else by gaining control of something that you shouldn’t have access to, such as a computer. this is known as technological crime.

network security refers to the protection of a network from intruders. this is a two-fold process, as a successful attack against one component of the network security, such as a firewall, may be a prerequisite for success against another component such as network intrusion detection and prevention systems. network security is therefore an interrelated system and cannot be broken down into different components.
a firewall is a network device that can be installed at an organization’s gateways or on a server. firewalls are designed to monitor network traffic and block access to outside systems that were not specifically intended to connect through that gateway.
a virtual private network (vpn) is a mechanism that acts as a secure, encrypted connection between two or more networked devices. for instance, a customer may use a vpn to send critical information from a corporate network to a laptop, which may be used on a public wi-fi connection. in general, a vpn will require the use of two network devices, usually a vpn client and a vpn server. other products of the same family are often used as hybrid solutions that can be used in conjunction with others.
a web serveris a computer or a network of computers, often referred to as the “back-end,” that store and serve content from files. web servers are accessed via the internet using the http protocol to send and receive web pages.
spywarespyware is any software that intends to secretly monitor a user’s behavior. although widely referred to as spyware, many tools have legitimate purposes, like keeping track of the user’s usage and providing useful tools. some spyware is designed to limit the use of the computer and make advertising more efficient. for example, it might limit the number of pop-ups per browsing session. other types of spyware are designed to harvest the users information, like passwords, credit card numbers, email, or other personal information.

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