CS:GO Wallhack


CS:GO Wallhack

the mod that was published earlier today by a russian youtuber named deposit allows users to “see through smoke” by setting the flag value to 1 in a game file. this is not the first time this hack has been made publicly available, as last year an admin made another proof of concept video showcasing a similar hack and claiming to allow users to see through smoke by using tools on windows. and of course, rumors have spread for several months that this is possible to be done using modifications on the game files.

still, the most important takeaway from this hack is that valve has enabled some less-common commands through a hotfix it published on the steam database. since users can modify game files, the company has not been able to comment on the legitimacy of this hack. the screenshot shown in the video was taken by a user who confirmed that it was the same as what the admin previously uploaded. the video has more than 2 million views and has become one of the most popular cs:go videos since it was uploaded on september 18th. given the popularity of the hack, we felt it best to review it and find out if this hack is feasible.

for our experiment, we created a test file similar to the one that he has been using. so, we will be able to compare the file with the one that he has uploaded. however, there is a risk we might not be able to compare the original file with the one uploaded. there is a chance the admin added some aditional code to the file. this means our test file will get modified or its content edited. the best way to get around this risk is to first install the original files using the key generator you can find in the header for our review, then you will be able to use it to compare the files.

this is an important detail for you to keep in mind when analyzing this hack. if you install the original files, the files will be visible as they are but after you compare them, the admin may have modified them or added some more code. if you decide to try this hack, make sure that the files you download are the original ones. otherwise, you will get the infamous file corruption error. this kind of risk happens when there is not enough space to save the patch files.
they should also remain undetected and that happens when the wallhack api, which was created by the world-renowned cspack, is exploited. with the cspack, you can share your esp server configuration with the players and that enables them to see your map statistics as well as wallhacks. what you can do with them is checking if its detected or not. you can also share your server address or ip address to your friends that can also enable you to check if it can be detected or not.
the cspack can be exploited through its api in multiple ways and those include the cspack method for console gamers, the network method for dedicated servers, the bad method for the csgo users, and the blackhole method for it’s who are dead serious about their aimbot.
you will realize the real power of the website and then you can decide whether you want to play for a while or should stop hacking. it’s better to stop hacking completely but we all just started to hack and we dont know how much damage we can do with it. so we decided to leave it in your hands and with our wallhack server, you can experience it yourself. this is a cheap hack made by desperate hacked that can turn around the tide of every game and ensure your win.


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